The Distance Learning Aviation Courses (DLAC) are a series of lessons, units, and cases designed to help aviation forecasters improve both their ability to forecast aviation hazards and to write terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs) that convey these hazards to aviation forecast customers.


The overall objectives for the DLAC courses are to:

Courses and Resources

Courses currently available are:

More information about each DLAC course is available from the menu tabs at the top of this page. The Resources tab goes to a page with a variety of materials and links useful to aviation forecasters.

Individual units in the DLAC courses can also be taken separately, rather than as part of the course. In addition, there are several other aviation-related units that are not part of the DLAC course system. To see a complete listing of training materials relevant to aviation forecasting, click "MetEd Home" at the bottom of this page, then choose "Topic" and "Aviation."

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